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About The Garneau

If you have rented or bought a place within the boundaries shown on the map below, you are a resident of The Garneau and the community would like to extend you a hearty welcome to the neighbourhood.

The Garneau Community League hopes that the following information will give you some background on your new neighbourhood’s character and amenities to help make your stay with us, whether long or short, as pleasant and happy as possible.

What is The Garneau?

Laurent and Eleanor Garneau built the first home on River Lot 7, which has become the present City of Edmonton neighbourhood, in 1874. The University of Alberta came to the adjacent River Lot 5 in 1910, followed by what eventually became the University Hospital in 1914. The University expropriated the area north of 87th Avenue and east of 110th Street in the 1960s and bought a couple of buildings along 112th Street but the majority of The Garneau is still privately owned. For further information on its history, see

The Garneau is also home to some fine local businesses. Long-established restaurants and coffee bars include the Upper Crust on 86th Avenue, High Level Diner and The Sugar Bowl on 88th Avenue, Earls on 112th Street, Leva on 111th Avenue, and Di Capo and Fiore Cantina on 109th Street. Enjoy our Art Deco Garneau Theatre, a municipal historic building, which shows both first-run and art films. Safeways on 82nd Avenue is the largest grocery store but there is also a Sobey’s in College Plaza. A Shoppers Drug Mart is located by the Safeway store.

The Garneau School has programs for children from K to 6 and a fine playground equipped for children as well as a football/baseball field that may also be rented to groups wishing to play soccer or baseball after hours. The City Arts Centre on 84th Avenue runs programs for both children and adults and, in the summer, is also the base for The Garneau Tennis and Sand Volleyball Club. In all, we have three play parks for children and of course great access to the walking, skiing and biking trails throughout the river valley.

Enjoy your time in The Garneau!