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Garneau is an inner city community and is experiencing problems related to the growth of the city. It is a desirable place to live for many because it offers mature, attractive residential areas and is close to the downtown. As well, Garneau is adjacent to two major institutional land uses; the University of Alberta and University Hospital completes which generate additional demand for housing in the area.

Garneau faces many issues common to inner city communities. Pressures for redevelopment create uncertainty as to the future character of the community. There is a need to provide a variety of housing types to accommodate various groups who wish to live in Garneau including single people, families and students. Proximity to the downtown and major institutional land uses has created problems of non-local traffic and overflow parking on local streets which disrupts the residential character of the community. The potential for expansion of incompatible non-residential land uses, (the University of Alberta, University Hospital and commercial strips), exists and would have a negative impact on the residential character of Garneau.

Garneau is deficient in park space and this problem will intensify as the population of the community continues to increase.

Overall Plan Objectives

The following objectives address the general issues facing Garneau and implement the Growth Strategy policies of the General Municipal Plan that are related to inner city communities:

  • To maintain Garneau primarily for residential use.
  • To maintain the existing character of the Garneau Area.
  • To encourage and control higher density redevelopment in portions of the Plan area.
  • To encourage a variety of residential built forms to meet the accommodation needs of various groups.

For detailed information on the GARP, please review the linked document
2008 Garneau Area Redevelopment Plan