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Your Neighbours

The Garneau is a vibrant neighbourhood because residents are wonderfully diverse. We have large numbers of student residents who stay with us for a few months or a few years, but we also have significant numbers of young professionals, families with children, and retired people who have lived here for many years, as well as several residences for seniors and the handicapped.

The community’s message to all residents is please enjoy your home to its fullest, but don’t prevent others from enjoying theirs. We strongly recommend that you introduce yourself to your new neighbours. Consider sharing such chores as snow shoveling and lawn mowing. Neighbours can also keep an eye on your place and your pets during weekends and holidays when you’re away. Respect your neighbours by keeping noise to acceptable levels and letting them know if you plan to hold a party. Be particularly sensitive if you live alongside young children or old people. Inconsiderate noise levels are the most frequent source of disputes between neighbours. One of the best ways to meet your neighbours and understand the issues facing the community is to join The Garneau Community League. All are welcome at meetings, which in 2009/10 will be held on September 9, November 18, January 13, March 10 and May 12 at 7:30PM at the City Arts Centre. For further information email Kathybk@shaw dot ca.