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The Garneau is on the LRT, and close to the city centre and the University. The city’s thieves find busy, forgetful students and their neighbours easy pickings. A few elementary precautions will help keep both you and your belongings safe. Lock your doors at all times, even when you are home. Always lock your bike, even if you are just popping into a store for a couple of minutes. When you’re not using it, keep your car in your locked garage and remove all valuables from view. Don’t let anyone into your apartment or condo building that you don’t know. Keep an eye on your neighbour’s place and challenge anyone on the property that you don’t recognize. If you see anyone suspicious lurking in the back alleys, report it to the police.

Finally, if you have been drinking with your friends on Whyte Avenue or in one of our more local bars and are making your way home on foot late at night, stick to the well-lit main streets like 109th Street, Whyte Avenue and 87th Avenue as much as possible. Many residential streets in The Garneau are darker than we would like them to be.

Please visit the Edmonton Police Services Crime Mapping site for more detailed information on the current trends in the area

Edmonton Police Contact for Garneau

Sgt. Brenda Dalziel
Community Liaison Sergeant, District 1
Southwest Division
P: 780-944-8497
F: 780-496-8554