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About the Community League


The Garneau Community League was established in 1921. The first community league building was located in a house that was moved to the present site of the City Arts Centre between 83 and 84 Avenues west of 109 Street. In 1980 The Garneau Community League with the financial assistance of city grants and a bank loan built a modern two story building on this site. In 1990 the community league transferred the ownership of the building to the City of Edmonton and it now houses the City Arts Centre.


Planning and development

Review all development permits applications for The Garneau
Zoning/bylaw issues and changes
Arrange meetings between developers and residents
Attend city project meetings/open houses
Communicate with adjacent community leagues
Residential parking issues
University Alberta and Community Dialogue
U of A/Fraternities/Community dialogue
File Appeals to the SDAB
Attend Appeal Meeting with SDAB
Attend and present at Edmonton City Council Meetings

Community Support

Support of senior organizations in The Garneau
Shared financial support of the Whyte Avenue Outreach Worker with other community leagues
Support of the following organizations:
Hope Mission
• Richard Eaton Singers
• Youth Emergency Shelter
• Grant MacEwan University Scholarship Fund


Redevelopment of The Garneau Park - ongoing
History of The Garneau - ongoing
Infants’ playground equipment at The Garneau School
The Garneau History – installed original street names throughout The Garneau
Work with Edmonton Police Service with respect to criminal activities in The Garneau
Provide a community email “Alert” to the membership on current criminal activities in the community.