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Traffic & Parking

The Garneau’s system of one-way streets and frequent stop signs is unique and can be baffling to newcomers. Please take it easy on our residential streets and observe the traffic signs. The lanes which run between the avenues and some streets are designed for service vehicle and local resident access only. As most garages are built close to the property lines, drivers backing out into the lanes have limited vision, so be especially careful if you are cycling or driving past.

In the City of Edmonton cycling on the sidewalks is not allowed unless they are specifically marked as bike paths, so please stick to the road. There are contra-flow bike paths on most of the one-way streets closest to the university. Only use the paths when you are cycling against the flow of vehicular traffic. If you’re cycling with the flow you should not be in the contra-flow path. “Stop” and “yield” signs apply to cyclists too. Be especially careful at the start and end of the school year, when The Garneau is flooded with new students to the University and their parents. They’re concentrating on finding their way, and won’t be looking out for you as they should. The mature elms that line The Garneau’s streets are glorious in summer – but they really cut back on the light available from the City’s lamp standards. We’ve been trying to get the City to address this for years. Until we are successful, make sure your bike is well equipped with lights if you cycle after dark.

Parking is one of the more contentious issues in The Garneau. A residential parking program is in force in most areas of the community (except evenings and weekends). Cars parked without permits are liable for at least a $50 fine. If you own or rent a single-family house you can apply to the City for a permit for your car. Fraternities, condominium and apartment dwellers are expected to have their own parking on site. Note that it is illegal to rent out parking spots in your back yard to anyone not resident in your house.